Examples Of Courage In To Kill A Mockingbird

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“To Kill A Mockingbird” is a powerful novel about the coexistence of good and evil in the world. The book features many characters that have their own battles to face, and in order to face their battles, they must have courage. There are many courageous characters in the novel, but the most courageous character is Scout. As the main character of the story, she faces many acts of bravery such as being responsible for the dispersion of Mr. Cunningham’s gang, being the victim of racial slurs, being attacked at night with her brother, and finally being able to understand the person she has feared most throughout her life. One of Scout’s acts of courage happened when she and her brother, Jem, went out into town one night to find the whereabouts of their father, Atticus. They found Atticus in front of the county jail, protecting Tom Robinson. As they were about to greet him, a group to people started to advance towards Atticus.None of the children knew what was actually happening because they were too young to understand, but they decided to join the group of people anyway. Atticus warned the children to leave, but Scout insisted on staying, and started to make conversation with one of the men that was sent to lynch Tom Robinson. Scout asked the man known as Mr. Cunningham about his son, making him realize that he’s a murderer…show more content…
On the night Jem and Scout were attacked, Boo was the one to carry Jem home. Boo was also the person who stabbed Bob Ewell, the attacker, in the chest and killed him to protect those children. One Scout really looks at Boo for the first time in her house, she is no longer afraid of him and greets him like an old friend. She understood why he did not come outside. She also understood Boo’s feelings and his personality. From that moment on, Boo was no longer a stranger to
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