Spelling Errors In English Analysis

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Abstract— Positional analysis of any language is useful in spellchecker, Natural Language Interfaces, OCR and language related technology development etc .Though considerable work has been done in the area for English and related languages, the Indian Language scenario is still far behind.. This paper focuses on the role of First position errors in Non-word Error Distribution of Punjabi Typed Text. This paper is based on the analysis done on 20000 misspelled words generated by typists. Keywords: Phonetic, Kavarg, Naveen, Gurmukhi, Kavarg. I. Introduction Kukich[1] has discussed the different techniques for automatically detection and correction of misspellings and the identify the various factors affecting the spelling errors patterns of words in English. Damerau [2] worked on a technique for…show more content…
Due to phonetic similarities of various consonants and vowels. V. References [1] K. Kukich (1992) "Techniques for Automatically Correcting words in Text". ACM Computing Surveys. 24(4): 377-439. [2] F.J. Damerau (1964) "A Technique for computer detection and correction of spelling errors".Commun. ACM. 7(3): 171-176. [3] K.W. Church and W.A. Gale (1991) "Probability scoring for Spelling correction". Statistical Computing. 1(1): 93-103. [4] P. Kundu and B.B. Chaudhuri (1999) "Error Pattern in Bangla Text". International Journal of Dravidian Linguistics. 28(2): 49-88. [5] POLLOCK, J. J., AND ZAMORA, A. 1983. Collection and characterization of spelling errors in scientific and scholarly text. J. Amer. Soc. Inf. Sci. 34, 1, 51-58. [6] Morris, Robert & Cherry, Lorinda L, 'Computer detection of typographical errors', IEEE Trans Professional Communication, vol. PC-18, no.1, pp54-64, March 1975. [7] YANNAKOUDAKIS, E. J., AND FAWTHROP, D. 1983a. An intelligent spelling corrector. Inf. Process. Manage. 19, 12, 101-108. [8] Yannakoudakis, E.J. & Fawthrop, D, 'An intelligent spelling error corrector', Information Processing and Management, vol.19, no.2, pp101-108, 1983.

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