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Introduction Cleopatra has always been a very enigmatic figure in the Egyptian history as well as for the world. Her rule, relationships, affairs and everything else are known to a few sources. However, there has always been intense debate on her origin, kingdom, death and this goes on. For centuries she has been a mysterious lady who ruled Egypt like no one else and had her own share of controversies. This gave rise to several myths and her name slowly became shrouded in mysteries and an unfathomable aura. Even in the modern day world when there are many scientists and researchers who have been instrumental in come out with theories of their own regarding myths and controversies, the existing ones refuse to die down. Even today, Cleopatra stands tall amongst all the other Egyptian queens and noble women with all her mysterious aura intact. This essay deals with various parameters and incidents that have led to the creation of the enigmatic aura and the seductive mysterious image about Cleopatra. Cleopatra – the building of her image Throughout the life of Cleopatra, she wanted to free herself from the shackles of the…show more content…
In order to do so she took the route or he way that she knew the best. During her life time she has used resources to strategize her rise to the throne and ensured that she really had no one in the family to deal with in terms of being a threat to her desires (Schiff, 2010). From travelling to different parts of the world to making sure that her army got the desired strengths and artillery to face the battle at home or even elsewhere, Cleopatra has been portrayed to be a master strategist. According to the (2015) one of her many famous quotes is “I will not be triumphed over”. This quote is enough to prove her desire to be the number one and the ruler of her

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