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Mazda 929 Mazda 929 being a luxury product of the famous Japanese automobile manufacturer is also known as the Mazda Luce. This vehicle was produced in the markets by the manufacturers for a limited period of time however, until now people have these antique models as their assets and this model is seen rarely on the roads all over the world. Apart from using this vehicle in the home country the company exported it to several countries all over the world. The most important export zone of Mazda 929 was the Europe where this car was liked and appreciated a lot and this likeness by the European automobile lovers added a handsome profit to the sales revenue of the company. This vehicle was dropped in the markets in the year 1966 however; it…show more content…
The major addition to this version of the automobile was in the form of diesel engine introduction and the European outlook offered in the vehicle. After this, the two last series being launched under this name included the HB series and the HC series of which the production ended with the HC series in the year 1991. Options and Packages The Mazda 929 offered throughout a number of choices among the layout, engines and transmission speed in all the series. Considering the initial series which was the SU and SV series of the vehicle, there were three different voices of engines being offered that includes the 1500, 1800 and Wankel engine, whereas the transmission speed offered is 4 speed manual transmission. However, there were a number of choices available among engines and transmission speed which was catered by almost all the stages of the models being launched under the name of Mazda 929. However the latest version being long by the company under the name called as the HC series comprised of the engines offering the choices among the 2.0 L FE I4 engine, 2.0 L JF V6 engine, 2.2 L F2 I4 engine, 3.0 L JE V6 engine and turbocharged Wankel 1.3 L engine choices. However, speed transmission choices available to be selected comprised of 4 speed transmissions automatic and 5 speed transmissions…show more content…
The choices offered to the buyers in terms of body shaped comprised of the four door sedan, four door hardtops, five door station wagons, and two door coupes. The vehicle was equipped with a class and luxury which was tremendous at a glance. This vehicle was also improved throughout the journey from the very start in terms of every minor detail like seating covers, music system, and steering wheel. The entire outlook of the car inside out was equipped with improvements with the new and latest ideas every now and

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