Mother Goddess Essay

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Woman in society today are viewed as less than men, are expected to up keep the household while raising children and are looked down upon for showing their bodies. We as humans have lost touch with nature and are demanding to make more construction on Earth. Why is it that our society follows these “norms” and have lost our way from the ancient world? If our modern world still followed the ways of the Mother Goddess, men and women would both be accepted in society, sex and fertility would be viewed as sacred and special again, and us humans would be conjoined with nature, just how it should be. Our world today mainly follows monotheistic religions, unlike the polytheistic religions that the ancient world followed where men and women were viewed…show more content…
One major attribute of the Mother Goddess is to be in touch with nature. In ancient religions, people believe that every person comes from the earth so we as humans should honor and respect it. There would be festivals where people would have sex in fields to help nature reproduce more. Why have humans became so careless when it came to the world? Why do humans remove what comes out of the Earth and use it as a big garbage bin? We want to make sure we have a planet to live on, right? If humans do not respect nature, then nature will not respect them and humans will ultimately destroy it. The ancient world believed that there was no evil force in nature and it is up to humans to take care of the planet, so the planet will take care of them. As time goes on, Earth gets worse. Humans tear down the homes of animals to construct shopping areas and unnecessary buildings. Humans drill, destroy, construct, destroy more, killing animals and nature, and ultimately killing ourselves. Although it is helpful and convenient, there is a reason that humans did not start out with technology and Earth was full of grass, trees and water. If our modern world still worshipped the Mother Goddess, humans would be able to save themselves in the future. Global warming would hopefully reduce. Endangered species of plants and animals could be saved and maybe even brought back. Humans could learn to live more off the land and use nature as a means of survival instead of tearing it
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