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The world would have been destroyed countless of times over if it weren’t for the help of the world’s greatest hunter, Dean Winchester. Dean is one of the two main protagonists, of the American fantasy horror television series called Supernatural, he is mainly portrayed by the actor Jensen Ackles. This story revolves around him and his brother, Sam Winchester as they travel all the way throughout the United States while driving their ’67 Chevy Impala, to hunt supernatural creatures and save the world. Dean Winchester was born into a family of hunters in Lawrence, Kansas on January 24, 1979. He did not have a normal childhood, and his youth could be both described as unique and tragic. The yellow-eyed demon, Azazel killed his mother, Mary…show more content…
And after spending the weekend trying to find their father with Sam's help without success, Sam finally went back to continue his studies, much to Dean's displeasure. However, another disaster struck yet again as Sam's girlfriend, Jessica Moore died in the same manner as their mother, fortunately, Dean arrived in time this time to save Sam from the fire. Driven by his desires to revenge his girlfriend, Sam reluctantly went back to his old life to search for their father for clues on who killed both his mother and girlfriend. The two brothers followed the clues their father left behind. The clues, however, was very vague and even though their search was unfruitful, they still managed to help their father complete his unfinished jobs as they go. An accident that happened while they were hunting a raw head left Dean with a fatal heart condition after being electrocuted, this condition will later be cured by a faith healer. The faith healer told Dean that when he looked into his heart, he saw "A young with an important cause. A job to do. And it isn't finished." After being reunited with their father, both Dean and Sam insist on helping him fight against Azazel, at first, John was hesitant but later, he finally revealed to the boys that he finally discovered a way to smite Azazel once and for all. The way John was referring to was to use The Colt, a gun made by Samuel Colt that…show more content…
He encountered a reaper called Tessa, who told him that he could choose to either stay there in the mortal world as a disembodied spirit which will sooner or later transform into a vengeful spirit that he usually hunts, or leave the world with her. Just as he was about to choose, he was returned to his body after John made a deal with Azazel to save Dean in exchange for his own life and The Colt. John died a few minutes after Dean was revived, but not before he warned Dean to protect Sam, and if he couldn't save him, Dean has to kill him. Dean and Sam gave John a hunter's funeral, by burning his body to ashes, they both had a hard time dealing with their father's death. This season showed Dean's true heart's desires. When a Djinn attacked him, it used the strong desire from Dean's subconscious to hold Dean captive in the dream world. The dream world consists of the reality that Dean longed for, his mother alive, and them living a normal 'apple pie' life. However, when Dean realized that it wasn't real, he chose to come back to the real, cruel world where his both parents are dead, and where his and Sam's life are always in constant danger, instead of living a lie. The last episodes of this season showed how Sam and the other special children are all kidnapped to a desolate place where they are expected to kill each other. Dean and Booby arrived too late, by the time they got there, Sam

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