Speech About My Mother

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My life changed in the blink of an eye because of her. Every single bit of it. I was perfectly fine with that, though. It was a change I’ll never be able to forget. She is the reason why my mom is here today. My nana has been my number one supporter and inspiration since the day I was born. She affects me everyday in every way possible. Everyday she is absolutely beautiful. She may think she has flaws, but to me, she is flawless. I always look forward to her infectious smile and laugh. Her hair is short, with brown and blonde highlights. She is about 5’5 (my height) and she has pure hazel eyes. She is also in great shape. She has many amazing qualities that aren’t just physical. I know for a fact that she inspires others whether it’s people she works with, her children/grandchildren, friends, etc. Integrity, loyalty, confidence, and strength are traits she has always successfully succeeded in. At a rough patch in my life, no one really understood or knew why I was upset except for…show more content…
It felt like no one truly cared. I’m grateful for not having a terrible coming out story that resulted in me getting kicked out or even death. Trust me, I’m truly grateful. I just wish they would’ve given it a little bit more attention, rather than just forgetting it and acting like nothing happened. The reason as to why I had to explain all of those events is because my nana’s was completely different. Her opinion meant the most to me so when I had to tell her my mouth was as dry as a bone. Overall, she was the MOST supportive person about it. She told me that she’d love me no matter what because it doesn’t define all of me. Also, she’s the only person out of my family that I actually feel comfortable talking to about it, because she genuinely cares and I know that it’s just between the two of us. It means a lot to actually have someone who truly cares about something that means so much to
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