Childhood To Adulthood In Walter Dean Myers's 'Bad Boy'

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In the book “Bad Boy” written by Walter Dean Myers is the memoir about his history and his journey of Childhood to Adulthood. In chapter 1 called “Roots” Walter talks about his Ancestors and how History can always have some kind of effect on us. On page1, Walter Talks about one ancestor in particular named Lucas D. Dennis. Lucas was one of Walter’s great-great uncles that were owned by a plantation owner named Steve Dandridge before the Civil War. Lucas was ninety- four years old. He was born in Jefferson County. After, the Civil War he went to Harpers Ferry and built himself a house. This was one of the Camping grounds during The War. Part of the Dennis family had moved to Martinsburg, West Virginia less than ten miles always from there old plantation and where later they came in contact with the Green family then both families merged. One of the women in the green family was Mary Dolly Green, Which later became Walter’s mother. Mary had five children: Gertrude, Ethel, George, Walter, Imogene, Geraldine and viola but, shortly after giving birth to Walter’s little sister Imogene she died. This means Walter has no memory of his biological mother Mary.…show more content…
I wish I could have known her.” This textual evidence from the books shows that Walter has no memory of his biological mother. However today, on Page 3, Walter states who he thinks is his mama. He says: “I think of another woman, my father’s first wife, Florence dean. Florence dean is Walter’s adopted mother who emigrated from Germany in the late 1800s. This textual evidence shows Walter has a relationship with his adopted mother Florence

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