Summary Of Invention By Newton N. Minow

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Invention: Newton N. Minow uses art in every of his arguments trying to create a connection with the audience and at the same time the nation, even that he doesn’t address the nation directly. The speech is not even for the nation, is for the owners of TV channels and important people in the industry of Television. At the beginning of his speech the first thing that he talks about is rumors. He dissolves and creates a rumor at the beginning of the speech witch draws the attention to him, because everyone wants to know the drama that is going around with Newton. Also he talks about his research using these words ‘’ I locked myself in my office to do my homework and get my feet wet,’’ what he means is that he really got into the problem that he is addressing which is the public interest. He uses a lot of different ways to persuade his audience, from giving examples of his own family to giving fats and numbers about television audience. Showing them business and at the same time trust. Arrangement: Exordium: The way that Newton starts the speech so average…show more content…
The way he uses personal stories with the people he is talking to is amazing. He uses a professional language to address the audience at all times and he uses this phrase to close ‘’We need imagination in programming, not sterility; Creativity, not imitation; Experimentation, not conformity; Excellence, not mediocrity.’’ Newton M. Minow. The way he speaks does not move the audience because the purpose is more like a business topic not really a religion or natural disasters. In the other hand he really does instruct the audience about the problem with TV, and the lack of channels and the public interest and the lack of creativity. He tries to instruct the audience so they will know what the change that they are really making is, he needs to inform them and provide them with

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