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Exile, either self-imposed or the one that is forced externally, is one of the dreadful experiences that one could ever have the misfortune to undergo. It is a state of (moral or physical) being that has the possibility to be either permanent or a temporary one; and has the possibility to alter the character of a person to a very huge extent, either creating a trauma that lasts a lifetime, or making some serious behavioral or psychological changes, that take years to cope up and live with. In any of the possible case, it is very hurtful to the person going through this experience, with a lot of inflicted suffering and everlasting sadness that is not possible to easily described but lived. Apart from the conventional definitions and proposed…show more content…
Such a person has the liability to live outside the borders, away from the established order, while at the same time can be made available to enjoy his privileges. Another form of exile observed is the one that is political. It is a spatial displacement of a person (or community) due to political reasons, which is both painful and…show more content…
This was made possible by a brief visit to “Majnu ka tilla”, a Tibetan colony in Delhi. This settlement of refugees came into existence when the refugees entered Delhi, escaping the border areas because of disturbances by Chines armies, during early 1960s. They were earlier allotted land near those borders, by the Indian government, after the Tibetan uprising and the escape of Dalai Lama to India. At this place, we witnessed a lot of people that had already moved on with their lives, and accepted their current situation in India. They do some work to earn their livings and are living a relatively comfortable lives as compared to their early years of

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