Media Impression Management: Social Media Perspective

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IMPRESSION MANAGEMENT: SOCIAL MEDIA PERSPECTIVE Social media is one domain where Impression Management, though unstated, is rampant. Social media envisages a quest where people are living in a world that’s not a real world, but a world where what counts is what people think of you. Although the judgment of others has been an integral part of one’s identity development. The "looking-glass self" is a psychological theory that suggests we widen our sense of self based on the perceptions of individuals we interact with. But this has gone a bit too far in social media interactions. We know how people respond to an image influences self perception. Today, the chance of being watched and scrutinized is more because more people interact through a…show more content…
On the Grounds of Virtue Numerous interpersonal virtues we value evolved in the framework of face-to-face communication. Honesty, openness, and patience, for example, are honed in the negotiations we must manage when we meet people in person. Digital media makes it insignificant, for instance would honesty be credible in the context of a world where people are represented by “processed profile pictures”? Will other virtues emerge as more important in social networking, where we can be constantly connected to a large pool of others and can shut off communications effortlessly when we are bored or come across difficulties? And more than that the information shared is always incomplete. People share only what others will like and…show more content…
We are doing more with each twenty-four hours, as technology facilitates us to interact and meet and do and consume with unparalleled volume and vigor. We live our lives at breakneck pace because we can, because we feel we have to keep up, and because every macro and micro waft blows in that direction. The days before social media were when people used to get many phone calls a day and some 50 odd emails, and they felt bushed by the swiftness of communication. Now we’ve switched the telephone for other linkages. The number of “inboxes” we operate is staggering, multiple email accounts, facebook, whatsapp, Twitter, Linkedin,, Google +, blogs, Skype, text messages, Instagram, phone, voice mail, and many topic-specific or geographically specific forums, groups and social networks. But is the purpose being served! We are living in an illusion, a virtual world, where everyone is trying to extend their network boundaries by impressing everyone else. This world lacks genuineness, humility and selflessness. Everyone is seeking an opportunity and there’s an underlying purpose behind these

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