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Abstract: Nowadays, the modern society has rely on computer software much compared to past decade. Many traditional manually have been computerize. Computer software is a type of software that contain a set of instruction that able to operate, manipulate and store information and data. Without the computer software, the computer and electronic devices are useless. Computer software plays important role in banking, aviation, e-commerce, education and social networking. Designing and developing a software system requires budget, time, expertise, tool and infrastructure. Although the computer software industries have improvement compared to past decade, but the percentage of software failures still increased. Software failures can cause a lot…show more content…
Software failures can be identified through software testing. Example of software failures: slow response from the server, pages are not loaded properly, and the software downloaded was not function at all. There are several factors that causes the software failures. First, lack of user involvement is one of the important factors for software failures. Lack of user involvement can easily can cause the software project halt or cancel. Without the user involvement, there is no one else will committed to a system. The user needs is very important but the authority may not understand what they really want. So, if a project is to be success, all the user and authority have to involve from the beginning and continuously throughout the process and deployment activities. This requires time, effort and commitment to going through. Therefore, authority should create a good working environment in which the users can take a part in the project and communicate with…show more content…
The ineffective of managed risk easily lead to unforeseen outcomes. Risk management includes identifying, addressing and eliminating the risk may occurs. Everyone wants the plan going smooth and succeed however there is no zero risk project and the risk is vary for every project. Risk can be divided to two parts which is unpredictable and predictable. Unpredictable risk such as natural disasters and unforeseen requirements. Predictable risk includes currency rate fluctuation or inflation. If the authority does not evaluating the potential problems, the failure rate will increase. So it is important to identify the possible the risk. Beside this, poor project management can also cause the software failure. Poor project management has few of symptoms such as not divided the complex task to simple and detailed set of task, not knowing what task has been fully solved and also not tracking the certain dependency. The common weakness for the authority is did not handle the project current status in detail way and did not pay fully attention to the future problems or works that may affect the current work. As a result, the current state of project is unclear and its impact and effect on the future was

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