Gordon's Functional Health Assessment Patterns Essay

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Health Assessment Name: Course: Institution: Tutor: Date: The family focused open ended questions using Gordons Functional Health Assessment Patterns. Health Perception/Health Management patterns 1. How has your general life been? 2. What actions do you take to keep yourself healthy? 3. What can the nurses do to be of most help to you? Nutrition patterns 1. What quantity of fluid do you take? 2. What type of food do you eat? 3. Is there any change in your weight? Elimination Pattern 1. Do you have any problem with the pattern of your urinary elimination? 2. What is the frequency of your bowel elimination. 3. Do you experience any sweating problem? Activity patterns 1. How regularly do you do the exercises? 2. What are your hobbies?…show more content…
On the health perception,the family is better placed because apart from the Tuberculosis and the inherited diseases, the family has never experienced any complications in their health. Similarly,the family does not use drugs and the family has maintained frequent medical checkups in their family clinic. Nutrition patterns Regarding the nutrition, the family practices effective dietary habit. It consumes the right quantity of fresh water recommended by health officials. Furthermore,the family consumes not only water but also homemade fruit juices. In addition to this, the family eats a balanced diet on a regular basis, incorporating vitamins,carbohydrates and proteins, while ensuring low fat consumption and high fiber intake. The family has made it a culture when it comes to the consumption of vegetables. It never misses on their table. The family also regulates the weights of the members by doing regular, but regulated exercises such as riding bikes, jogging. They have maintained the exercises as advised in their family clinic. They regulate this so that they avoid losing weight. However, their weights are appropriate for their respective

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