Case Study: Communications Driven DSS Model

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1.1.1 MIS is to help the managers take an action more quickly and effectively. It is because MIS can generate the information to become a report, then the managers after look the reports. They can make a decision by the data. In addition, MIS can through variance analysis found out the problem factor, then improve the problem. 1.1.2 For instance, I had used a Google Docs to share my academic reports to my group mates. This DSS is a Communications Driven DSS model. It is because according to the categories in the Tech-FAQ article, “Communications Driven DSS model is one in which many collaborate to come up with a series of decisions to set a solution or strategy in motion.” And Google Docs this DSS can support my working to share my group mates.…show more content…
The produce significantly different results may caused by wrong calculation or something parts are missed to put in. No, I think the issues relevant to these issues because like a case of the London Ambulance Service a complexity perspective although it is not about the system failure, but it talks about how to deal with the system complexity. Like the case of Alias Systems of Toronto, it might better to use traditional approaches because the team wants to make an easy to use product to the customers, they understand users' needs. Another example of Toyota, it may better to traditional approaches. It is because they need to evolutes the product, so they need to have a good planning to deal with risks. The issues are not relevant to this because the issue care about the high quality. 2.3.3 Yes, two approaches are needed to careful consideration of organizational, personnel, and process aspects that need to be…show more content…
Time sharing is sharing the computing resource by allows multiple programs to share the time of CPU. Software services are only the server and the users. Cloud computing is an approach based on internet computing. Then, the hardware, software resources, and information sharing can be provided to other computers and other devices. Mobile application for the future may be a controlling to a robot. It is because current have some mobile applications that can raise electronic pet. The three ways can be doing an organization meeting and talking with clients and doing an advertisement. And talking with clients may use client server technology. I think API technology may be involved with those three things. For example, organization can put the advertisement on it and then share to other peoples. The problem may be computer system will change it, all people needs to learn the using more again. But, the elders cannot easy to accept the new things, because they need to spend more time to learn. The two information security issues are personal privacy and installed the malware. It is because other people can use your information to do the illegal

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