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Attractiveness has been known to give some people better advantages over others who are not seen as attractive. A popular example is an attractive women getting pulled over for a ticket, and the cop letting her go because she was flirting with them. On the same point, people tend to favor those who are seen as attractive in court. This does not happen every time, but there is a trend. Both sides of the court receive this special treatment. They can get either a higher settlement, away with breaking the law, or convicted. The three aspects of attractiveness are physical, social, and attitudinal. Physical attractiveness can be associated health care, nutrition, and economic status. On the other hand, convicted felons are appraised as being…show more content…
Unlike physical attractiveness, social attractiveness uses several variables ar one time when determining if people judge others based on attractiveness. Some examples would be marital status, work history, age, and occupational status. Instead of looking at what a person looks like, people are judging more on social status. Social status is where someone is in the world compared to others. The different wealth classes is a good example of social class. Successful people are more favored than people who are less successful. A study from Landy and Aronson tested jurors of different situations. In the first situation, the jurors were asked about two different deaths. The jurors treated the person who killed the high-status victim harsher. The jurors did not say that word-for-word, but they stated that when questioned. The other side of the situation was the other situation. There was a high, neutral, and low-status individuals who cause the crash. The jurors gave the high and neutral-status individuals a less harsh sentence than those of low-status. The variables used for describing the individuals were age, past criminal record, occupational status, previous tragedies, and friendliness. This research has been criticized because of the different variables used, so they could not pinpoint which were effective. In some cases, the high socioeconomic status receive harsher punishments for the actions they have done. I would say something like embezzling money would be an example of why someone with a higher socioeconomic status would receive a higher punishment. Social attractiveness and physical attractiveness can be combined or used separately to provide a similarity between the jury members and the defendant or

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