Socrates Apology Analysis

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Hello my fellow Athenians I come before you again to speak on an important matter. That is, to propose a trial on Socrates my reasoning behind proposing a trial on Socrates is that he has corrupted our youth and citizens. You might ask “what do you mean Lycon?” or “what has Socrates done to make you think that he has corrupted our people?” well he does not recognize the gods recognized by the state, inventing new deities, and lampooning democracy found in The Apology by Plato. Yes, we do enjoy conversations and new ideas as we are seekers of knowledge but his criticisms have been more of a hatred towards democracy rather than simple disagreements and he has taught his students the hatred he has for democracy. Some of his students for example…show more content…
Well sadly many do and majority of those who do are the youth of Athens. He states in Plato’s The Republic that “democracy comes into after have conquered their enemies, slaughtering some, and banishing others; while the remainder they give and equal share of freedom and power.” Tell me my fellow Athenians is this what our democracy is based on? No, this is an absurd conclusion or a fallacy which also known as hasty generalization; I say this because we may have regained democracy after defeating The Thirty but that does not mean that, that is what democracy is based on. So, why would so many listen to what this man who says himself knows nothing about anything, well he is teaching our youth about things he has no knowledge of then wouldn’t you say agree? Rather than learning from someone who is knowledgeable such as Gorgias the younger which would be more logical. Therefore I continue my accusation that Socrates is corrupting the mind of the youth of Athens in teaching them that democracy is to be hated or that the gods that the state acknowledges do not exist and creating his own

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