Story Of An Hour Literary Analysis

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The Story of an Hour and Hills Like White Elephants contain symbolism and imagery that combined with their themes focuses on one word; freedom. Chopin makes use of the repressive role that marriage played in women’s lives, leading to the use of oppression and sadness as symbols of love. Hemingway conveys his words through subtext leaving its interpretation to one’s own devices through the use symbols and imagery for a clearer picture. The use of symbolism by both authors provided readers the ability to break down and to have a better understanding of their stories. This establishes to the reader the message of the theme that they are delivering to them through symbolism. Chopin within The Story of an Hour used Louise’s heart trouble, the…show more content…
Chopin offers to the reader two separate theme based issues; joy and oppression. The initial grief of her husband’s death has settled into her mind and she silently speaks the words “free” to herself. This is the joy of independence from her marriage and her new independence and a new beginning, while dealing with the oppression within her marriage. Chopin doesn’t express the exact oppression in the marriage Louise is going through and that it may have been a two way street for the couple. Chopin expresses that all marriages in some sort of way eventually rob people by the nature of the relationship of their…show more content…
The use of irony by Chopin is leaning towards the lightheartedness or humorous to keep the reader invested into the story, almost making use of a good hook to keep the reader around. Upon hearing about the apparent death of her husband the character felt immense joy and relief mixed with a little sadness giving her a sense of freedom.( Chopin 477) She would now have a chance to live her life as her own; unfortunately the outcome of the story had a tragic, ironic ending as reality took

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