Sociological Perspective Analysis

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The purpose of this paper is to construct an essay and define the sociological perspective. I will explain how my knowledge of the Sociological Perspective has helped me to understand the social world on both a macro and micro level. My essay will include the definition, discussion and application of as many specific sociological terms concepts and theories that I feel are necessary for my essay. I will also present my review of sociological concepts in a precise and comprehensive manner. My essay will reflect a working knowledge of concepts covered over the course of the entire semester. The sociological perspective is a way that may be used to view the world. The world does not have a reality that is seen by everyone in the exact same way. Any situation can be viewed from many different perspectives. The sociological perspective has to do with the big picture not who is right and who is wrong. We are encouraged to view social reality from as many point of views as we can. Reality is socially maintained. Each one of us plays a role in upholding social reality. Those of us who have grown up in similar cultures have learned to distinguish reality the same way, we share a cultural construction of reality. Some main sociological perspectives are symbolic interaction, structural…show more content…
The world is full of symbols. Symbolic interaction is a micro theory that mainly focuses on interactions between people in the same society. Some examples of symbols would be our grades, how we dress, type of haircut we have, kind of music we listen to etc. This is a powerful theory because we can use it for analysis and we can put it to practical use. By controlling the symbols that we put out, we can influence how others view us and actually influence our social

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