Sociological Perspective Analysis

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Learning about sociology has helped me become more aware of the world and different cultures. It has opened my eyes to many new topics and theories. Learning about sociology has caused me to ask more questions and become more curious about the world around me. Taking this intro to sociology class was a fun experience because it creates a new way of looking at things. I love how C. Wright Mills described the sociological imagination, "think yourself away from the routines of everyday life". I think it is so important to not become familiar with everyday life, because that is when life becomes boring. We need to adapt the concept of the sociological imagination so that we can see our world with a fresh new perspective, always staying curious and thinking from an alternative point of view. The sociological imagination may cause us to recognize our own personal issues, and how our issues may be the result of broader social structures. The sociological perspective has assisted me in ways such as looking at myself, and asking questions about how the society I am placed in plays a key role in shaping who I am. It has caused me to view an individual and their society, and from a…show more content…
It opens up opportunities to understand the different institutions and how they play a big part in group attributes. It is important because through it, we gain better knowledge of the behaviors, institutions, and cultures of today's society. It also helps us to understand ourselves better, and once we begin to understand ourselves better, we might gain a better view of looking at society as a whole. Sociology today offers us with many different perspectives and theories. It directs attention to social change as well as the consequences of it. Sociology provides us with the resources needed for understanding and managing groups, families, organizations, values, behaviors,

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