Sociological Oppression

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In Divergent, the author Veronica Roth describes and introduces political and sociological oppression throughout her novel by opinions, facts and real life todays, explains the purpose, reasons and whys and how this kind of oppression is bad, that many are against it and the cause and effects of it. Some authors like James Dashner (Maze Runner), Lois Lowry (The Giver) and even herself Veronica Roth use Science Fiction novels to portrait their purpose and take out this type of message they see unjust. They explain the reasons and why’s in order that the reader learns and understands they’re point of view. Technically, this type of topic began when readers urged to know different types of thinking and ways the cause of sociological and political…show more content…
Oppression is often the main source that authors use to target in Science Fiction novels in which they present a society with the main critic or oppression as the atmosphere or background with a plot going on and throughout the story justice to the oppression unfolds. Political and Sociological oppression in science fiction novels act as a warning, critic, or a message the author wants the audience to react to. Matched by Allie Condie is an example of a Science Fiction novel who presents political oppression. It talks about a girl who lived in a “trusted society to make the right choices for her” (1) until in a mating ceremony where the society make the choices for her, she faces her ideal mate which was not the one the society choose for her. Time goes by and Society says it’s a malfunction, but as they slowly fall in love; she begins to doubt the society’s infallibility. Like this novel, many more are written with a message or critic to political or sociological oppression which lets you know that having lots of oppression is bad. Science Fiction novels vary. Depends on how they look at the circumstances and their opinions to
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