The Sociological Imagination Affected My Life

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People tend to work towards making an impact on society and getting their named passed down through history. The people that actually succeed have a firm grasp on their place in society and the sociological imagination. The sociological imagination enables an individual from everyday life to understand the effect that society plays upon their life and troubles. This understanding of how a person fits into society gives them an advantage towards correcting their status and pushing against the social facts that constrict agency. The sociological imagination incorporates how a “social issue” can affect a “personal trouble” (Mills, Readings for Sociology). It is not just an individualistic explanation in that a person is solely responsible for the happenings of every aspect of their life. There are social constructs that inhibit society members to follow certain paths. Alcoholism affects my life through my mother, but it is a social issue that affects many people of all race, age, class, and gender.…show more content…
She was sober for most of my childhood, but as I entered my teens she lost control. She did not have a drop of alcohol for ten years and then one day with no obvious trigger had a drink. I never knew about her disease until it was too late. This was an event that none of my family members could have predicted and it affected each of us differently; my dad and middle brother have become distant, my oldest brother actively expresses his frustration, and I ignore her almost entirely. She is now absent from my life, and I now know that I have an increased risk of developing an addiction. Alcoholism is a common issue that affects so many and the impact is so substantial that a lot of my life has revolved around my mother’s

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