Argument Essay On Social Darwinism

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Another aspect of this is how the “less fit” human beings have been treated. Women, homosexuals, and people of color have always had it hard and have widely been oppressed. This oppression has often been justified by saying that they are not fit enough or else they would have been the same condition as a cis white male. Much of the recent research show that if the oppressed people on average cannot compete with the more privileged ones, it is only because they have not been given those opportunities. If only the fittest are allowed to survive, then our diversity will seriously be affected. Now that we know what Social Darwinism is and how it has affected us, let us determine whether it is good or bad for the society as a whole. Let us look…show more content…
The weaker one does not die due to the stronger one’s greed. Here, we have taken social Darwinism to justify our psychopathic behavior that only knows greed. Secondly, does nature actually lack empathy? Recent research shows it does not. Human beings (along with some animals) have mirror neurons which help them empathize with others. In a lay man’s language, these neurons help you feel what other is going through and imitate that. So yes, nature is not apathetic. Thirdly, the kind of Social Darwinism that we are following may make us lose our diversity as only privileged people are the “fittest” to survive. It is well known that reduced biodiversity, that has been purely due to human actions, have not had good affects. Similarly, losing diversity within our own species may have harmful effects too. Furthermore, nature is not always good. Consider the example of cancer cells. Cancer cells are the “fittest” ones amongst other cells and therefore they survive. In the bigger picture, their survival can prove to be fatal for the sufferer. In the similar way, the fittest surviving amongst the humans may not be beneficial in the long

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