Religion In The Count Of Monte Cristo

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“Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil,” (ESV Matthew 6:13). Matthew’s plea in his gospel reflects not only his and many other Biblical authors’ opinions on liberation from darkness, but also the main character’s view, Edmond Dantes, in the novel The Count of Monte Cristo, written by Alexandre Dumas. His quest for vengeance against those who betrayed him begins with a statement in which he says, “I have played the part of Providence in recompensing the good, may the God of vengeance now permit me to punish the wicked!” (154). Thus, Edmond’s success only further solidifies the claim that he is acting on God’s will by his taking of punitive measures against his own personal nemesis. Psalm 59 paints a picture of David’s plea for deliverance from evil. David’s request in the first and second verses begin his invocation, “Deliver me from my enemies...deliver me from those who work evil…” He describes those who have turned against as“dogs, hungry for blood and flesh.” He also illustrates how they speak nothing but lies and sin. This parallels distinctly with Edmond’s situation. In the beginning of the…show more content…
The Lord’s Prayer can be alluded to throughout the entire novel. “Kingdom come,” refers to a day of judgement and reckoning, when at last all wicked men will be punished for their acts of evil and disobedience. In The Count of Monte Cristo, this theme is presented on multiple occasions. For Fernand Mondego (Morcerf), his “kingdom come” encounter occurs on the day of his trial in which he is convicted of betraying Ali Pasha and finally receives his sentence that entails more than jail time, “...he raised his eyes towards the roof...turned them away again...fearful lest it should open...he should find himself...face to face with that other judge whom they call God,” (392). Public humiliation and the loss of his family deal a final blow to Fernand, causing him to sink into his ultimate

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