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Upon reading or hearing the title “The Book Thief” you would instantaneously connect it with a person stealing a book, it is. It is about Liesel Meminger who had developed a great love for books and words, because of this great love and passion for it, she stole books, books that made her who she was. But, Liesel is not the only one who is a book thief, Death, in a way, is also a book thief for he took Liesel’s book; her own book entitled The Book Thief, to be precise. However, The Book Thief is not all about books, stealing and book thievery, it is so much greater and beyond that. The Book Thief’s title is a massive understatement because it will give you more than just books, stealing and the both combined, it is about love, colors, humanity,…show more content…
And perhaps because of that, The Book Thief takes place between the years 1939 and 1943 which was the time Adolf Hitler “the Führer” was the head of state of Nazi Germany. This was also the time that both the holocaust and World War II was happening. The Book Thief is situated in Germany, in a fictional town called Molching near Munich, which was described by Death as, “Hitler’s heartland” (p.80). This description might be because upon researching, many articles describe Munich as the place where Hitler got his rise to power. In an article in Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team by Webb C. and Lisciotto C. (2010) Munich was entitled as “The city at the heart of Nazism”. Furthermore, Munich was described in the article as “Munich the capital of the German state of Bavaria, which is in Southern Germany, was the home of the Nazi movement and the site of the model concentration camp at Dachau.” This could be the reason why Markus Zusak chose to put Molching next to Munich in the story, so that he could emphasize the effect of Nazism to the character’s lives. Which leads to the atmosphere of the story, due to the horrendous events caused by Nazism and World War II, the atmosphere of the story is immensely sad which the bombing of himmel street perfectly represents because Liesel’s friends and her new family are all gone and this feeling of sadness will creep…show more content…
Rosa Hubermann, a round character because both her strong which is her normal self and her weak, one of which is when Max got ill and she is also a static character because she does not change throughout the story. Rosa is a feisty woman who habitually uses profanity, which she mostly uses for her loved ones. She comes across as a cold person, but is essentially a loving and caring person. Hans Hubermann, a static character for he didn’t change in the story and a round character because he had many descriptions in the story. Hans is Liesel’s silver-eyed foster father who is a man that is kind, brave and full of integrity. Rosa and Hans lived in Himmel Street, Molching where Liesel met her best friend who eventually falls in love with her which makes him a dynamic character, Rudy Steiner, “The boy with hair the color of lemons” and the boy who had an obsession with Jesse Owens. They go to school together, and there they discovered that Liesel could not read and write, humiliated, she then realized the power of words. Thus, her midnight reading classes with Hans. Hans taught her how to read through The Grave Digger’s Handbook, which can symbolize the start of their close relationship; this was also the start of her great love and passion for books and

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