Social Justice In Hard Time Summary

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After reading this article Social Justice in Hard Time by Sonia Nieto, we can see how a poem can be so powerful. Her hudsban, Angel Nieto wrote this poem called “Here we are again” which to me descrive how some people from our society fight for a cause that involve invisibility or that are hard to acomplish and that make people strong and give then hope. I like when she said “Actions do make a difference” which means that little by little we can created such huge thing. I will associated this article with our society today. In our society the reality is that we know things are going wrong but we just don’t do anything to change it, we just see it and keep walking. A example of it is the exteritype that we all do to the different race.Sonia Nieto said that we’re living in hard times when it come to social justice just because we don’t do anything to stop what is wrong. Maybe if we all do something to fix it in our society could take over justice. I belive we all should do what Luisa said in class “We should start fixing things in our on first.” Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. have been an example of change in our society. As we know he started seaching for the right and he “found it” . Maybe if we all search for our right or for what we think it’s the correct thing to do, our society will become a better place or will improve little by…show more content…
Nieto used the article “ Great men and women- tailored for school use” by Jonathan Kozol and the book “ Lies My Teacher Told Me” by James Loewen to explain us that our kids just get facts as knowleg about our history instead of criticall thinking. School basically are giving our kids the power to know the story how they want they to learned it. Not giving then the opportunities to think about our history. An example the way our kids think that after that famous speech of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. all the bad things were over but in reality it just mean that our dream was very far away and we can see it in our sociaty now in

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