Summary Of Bullying Is Exaggerated By Benjamin Soskis

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Do we not alter our means of educating children as time passes? It is obvious that certain methods must change with time, and the environment shifts along with them. Benjamin Soskis wrote the article “The Extent of Bullying is Exaggerated” on how dealing with bullies is changing as time endures. He reports that our new efforts to subdue bullies is only hurting the school system. His argument includes the fact that years ago bullying was not attended to. But since time has passed and bullying has changed, would it not be efficient to alter our means of regulating bullying? It is fair for the author to claim that we do not have enough credible evidence of the growth of bullying, and it is hard to pick the bullies out from the rest of their peers.…show more content…
Ironically, this single goal is never achieved because much of what is given is fallacious. The article tries to tell us that our advancing efforts to halt bullying are only causing more damage. The largest problem found by the author is defining the difference between harmless bullying that people must live with and bullying that actually provokes harm. "...teach children to differentiate between the kind of social injury they must learn to endure and the kind that we, as a society, must ensure they never have to"(14). It is fair to state that differentiating between these bullies is and cracking down on the bullying that really matters is important. Although supportive evidence is not presented, only some bullying attributes to violence in students. Soskis also suggests that help should be provided for the bullies because the line between bullies and victims is very blurry. He states that many bullies are themselves being bullied. Soskis' article uses this to appeal to our emotions regarding the innocence of our youth. He wants to convince the reader that we must focus our efforts on harmful bullying. The presence of fallacious statements; however, cripple his intelligent

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