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MARCUS BLEASDALE A TOOL FOR SOCIAL CHANGE Marcus Bleasdale is a Digital photographer and Journalist who has a very eye opening and influencing role not only in England but the whole world. Marcus uses photography to show the world how atrocious and appalling conditions that young children and slaves that are forced to work in Africa are . Throughout his career , he produced gruesome and eye opening photographs that have shone light to the public's eye on what these poor people had to go through. Marcus Bleasdale is renown for documentary photographs. He increasingly uses his work to influence decision and policy makers across the world . His work on human rights, war crimes and conflict has been shown before the U.S. Senate,…show more content…
The reason behind these photographs being so contentious is due to the fact of how powerful and meaningful they are to people, as they see how these poor children and people are being treated and how they are being forced to do atrocious acts. To some degree bleasdales work is scene by some of the public as unnecessary and radical. Despite people believing this many praise Bleasdale for what he is doing. And because of this he has been given awards across the world such as Picture of the year 2005 and UNICEF photographer of the year…show more content…
Dorothea used photography just like Marcus Bleasdale despite the time difference , however she had a similar goal to make a difference in the lives of other people who were less fortunate and who lived in poverty during the great depression. Throughout Dorothea’s photography career she produced photographs that receives a lot of attention and are still known today and get a lot of attention. Lange was also known for unique style of realism photography. Lange became well known due to taking photographs during the great depression and after WWII. However after world war 2 she was employed to photograph the economic hardship of the USA, Whom she travelled around photographing with her husband. DOrethas photographs were unique at the time as they shun light on the reality of the Great depression. The reason Dorothea was inspired like many other activist and social realism photographers was because she had a deep passion and wanted to have an impact on social change at the time by using photography as her communicative medium. Just like Marcus Bleasdale Dorothea used similar techniques such as influences of modernism and dynamic

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