Social Construction Of Masculinity

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Men have gone throughout time as the gender that controlled society for the mast part. There are social norms that are placed to men and women from an early stage of their lives. Masculinity contains rules that men have to follow to be considered masculine in the first place. There are many norms in the box of masculinity and it makes it difficult when men go against those norms. The system of patriarchy plays a big part of masculinity that can shape men into these standards. Social construction is ideas that were put together to label different things in the world. For example, the social construction of gender is different when you are labeled men or women. There are different expectations for the genders to be considered men or women.…show more content…
One of the parts of being masculine is to show dominance. The main way men will dominate women is through sex. Hooks clarifies that men look for sex because women are teasing the men and in return the men will their dominance through sexual intercourse. Sexuality is a key component of masculinity since it’s way for men to show their dominance to the opposing gender and a relief for men, according to hooks. It’s a relief for men because it’s the women who decided that there would be sex in the first place. In the eyes of men, they have conquered or succeeded in achieving the goal of having sex with women, who are considered the “lower” group. At the same time there is competition among men of who can have sex with the most women, states Kimmel. Men are trying to show their expertise with women and whom those who sleep with more women are considered more masculine. One way to ease the process of sleeping with women is the usage of alcohol. The usage of alcohol has a second usage, when men get rejected by the women and won’t feel as much shame. Sexuality is part that indicates ones…show more content…
When they live in a diverse community, it includes people from different cultures and backgrounds from you. Is the standard of men fair for those who are different from you when it comes to culture and ancestry? Each culture has their standards of what it means to be a man and it ay contain similarities. An example is the journey of Samuel Mazzuchelli in the early days of the Americas. Mazzuchelli came to the Northwest Territory as a young man who didn’t know the native language. It was a difficult time for the young Mazzuchelli because he was sent to an unknown place by himself and would have other obstacles to go through. Mazzuchelli needed help from other people and the one that helped him was a women by the name of Mme Madeline La Framboise, who was a well educated women and rich as well. Madeline La Framboise is a woman who had connection to help the young Mazzuchelli to love on these new lands of America. When men live in a diverse community is strange to find that the social norms of men and women aren’t noticed as much. The reason is the people were worried about surviving but the people still kept the stereotypical standards to survive. For example, men were the ones that were building the houses for the people to stay in and were hunting animals for food or warmth. These people were more concern of surviving that the norms of men and women is not acknowledged

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