Hyper Masculine Gender Roles

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Stereotypes concerning gender have influenced the creation of hyper masculine characters within films. Hyper masculinity can be interpreted as, “an excess of maleness acting as a shield against feminization”( Joyrich, pg.165 & Vergne, par.1). The characters exist because of society’s fear of femininity and portray what society believes to be masculine. Masculinity is commonly associated with, “ dominance, violence and physical force”( Vergne, par. 1). Male identified heroes are seen as role models because of =how they express behaviors associated with stereotypes and gender roles. Gender assignment begins soon after birth. The socialization of gender contributes to the formation of generalizations or stereotypes. The male individual…show more content…
The heroes within films try to maintain a tough exterior. Typically, the character is very aggressive and uses violence against his enemies. The character is put on a pedestal because of his recognition of his manliness and his ability to portray strength and power. According to Marianne KAc-Vergne author of article, Losing Visbility? The Rise and Fall of Hypermasculinity in Science Fiction Films, “ The visibility and excesses of hypermasculinity have often been and can assuredly be interpreted as a strident reassertion of male power and domination”(par. 3). Aspects of male power may be associated with the characters physical appearance and . Generally as within films such as, The Terminator, the male identified protagonist is physically fit. “ the visibility of the male body and specifically the spotlighting of muscles as ‘natural’ signs of masculine power. The power of course stemming from a man’s masculine identity and his control over his emotions which may be perceived to be associated as a feminine

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