Compare And Contrast Lincoln's Views On Slavery And Slavery

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Lincoln's Views on Race and Slavery Slavery played a vital role in America’s social, economic and political history during the antebellum period. It became a topic of discussion all over the United States because of the American economy and plans to expand its territories. Most politicians were using it as a tool to gain votes and it was compulsory for them to air out their views on the issue, and Abraham Lincoln was not an exception. Many people in the United States have debated Abraham Lincoln’s views on the issue of slavery and race for so many years. Even though he issued the emancipation proclamation which supported the constitution amendment to completely abolish slavery, he was said to favor racial segregation and publicly used the Negro word while describing African Americans. Abraham Lincoln had mixed views on slavery, race and African Americans. Views on Slavery Lincoln’s opinion on slavery and race was a central issue in the United States history. He expressed his opinions both in private and in public, and he strongly opposed the institution of slavery, especially when he…show more content…
Lincoln’s stand on the issue was clear but confusing and not strong compared to the abolitionist because he was not an abolitionist. In addition, he was in support of slavery if it was drafted in the constitution but not when it is expanded and this made his stand wavering. In most of his speeches, he could tell the people that he has no right to stop slavery where it already exists and this made people to doubt his support in abolishing slavery because his statements were confusing. Lincoln had conflicting views on slavery, even though he helped in the abolition of slavery in the United

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