Villains In Much Ado About Nothing, Don John

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Shakespeare uses villains in his works to create tension and conflict. In Much Ado About Nothing, Don John was a dark character who wanted to instigate misery and devastation. In Measure for Measure, Lord Angelo was strict and cruel, and insisted that the rules and laws were followed regardless of circumstance. They were similar because they both created obstacles for the victims to overcome; Don John spoiled a marriage between Claudio and Hero, and Lord Angelo put Claudio in prison and tried to end his life. Although similar in character type, they each had different motives. Lord Angelo was appointed by the Duke to temporarily rule and he took upon himself to strictly enforce laws because he wanted to feel like he was doing something important. In contrast, Don John acted intentionally to ruin people’s lives out of sheer cruelty. While Don John acted out of jealousy, Lord Angelo thought he was doing something beneficial. Oliver’s…show more content…
Lord Angelo recognized his crime and showed remorse by saying that he should be put to death for his actions. In contrast, when Don John was arrested and brought back to receive punishment he showed no sign of remorse whatsoever. He acted in a way that seemed belligerent and defiant. Oliver underwent a transformation similar to Lord Angelo. In the beginning of the play he treated Orlando very badly and even tried to have him killed, but at the end he showed love and respect. The motivation for these transformations was also slightly different. Oliver’s transformation came about after Orlando saved his life, and also because he fell in love with Celia. Lord Angelo’s change was the result of a trap set by the Duke and him being forced to recognize his own hypocrisy. Don John, however, had no transformation because there was nothing that changed the source of his jealousy; he was still a bastard child who had unequal social
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