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Values in Health and Social Care Introduction: In Health and Social Care, it is important to understand the Care Values. Some of the Care Values are; Confidentiality, Dignity, Respect for Individuals, Person-Centred Approach to Delivery, Safeguarding and Duty of Care through discriminatory and non-discriminatory practice. Healthcare Workers are taking the five values which underpin the value of care into consideration towards Service users by providing health services. This booklet talks about all the Care Values and how they are being demonstrated by care Workers to service users. Care values In the Health and Social Care Sector, Care Values are concepts that ensures Health and Social Care is delivered in the best possible way, (teacher…show more content…
Examples of Respect for Individuals are; supporting service users at all times, ensuring their values are being treated with respect. When working in ward 14, you need to make sure that you maintain your respect for the service user. Ensuring that in all aspect of care, you are you respecting the service user, respecting their values and decisions in care. In order to respect their services, care workers should; treat patient with dignity and respect, don’t rush the patient when they are being fed, bathing, changing, etc. Mrs Clark is a 67 year old service user, with learning disabilities, and is admitted at the hospital. Care Workers don’t often treat her with respect; they discriminate against her because of her learning disabilities. This shows care workers are being judgemental towards the service user about her health disorder. Safeguarding and duty of…show more content…
Examples of Person-Centred Approach to Delivery are; letting the service users decide how they would like to be dressed, fed, bathed, etc. When working in ward 14, you need to make sure you maintain the Person-Centred Approach to Delivery of the service user, by allowing the service user to make their own decisions on how they would like to be serviced. As a professional care worker it is important to maintain this type of care value because it gives a chance to hear what the service user wants, if this is not being taken into consideration then it can result to care workers not demonstrating their services properly, therefore care workers can lose their jobs. Alan Harris is 86 and has been resident at Cedar Court for a year, following a stroke. His mobility is very restricted and his speech impaired. His memory had already been poor and after the stroke it worsened, so that he gets confused about where he is and who the staff are. He does not want to be in a nursing home and gets very angry at times – shouting at staff and hitting out when they start ‘doing things’ to him. However, at other times, he is calm. He usually enjoys being in the lounge with other people. (Case study from

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