Who Is Tourette's Syndrome In The Road Within

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The Road Within tells a story about a young man named Vincent who suffers from the aberrant rare disorder called the Tourette’s Syndrome. After the passing of his mother, he is dragged back into the life of his father who does not fully understand what he is going through because of the fact that his tics and unwanted vocal sounds subsequently brings down the image of his father being involved in the politics. His estranged father having moved on with his life without his son desires to keep it that way and in order to maintain his career as a concrete man for the political offices, he sends his son to a behavioral facility. In this facility, the main character Vincent is forced to include other characters in his life of solitary without a choice. He meets an anorexic girl who likes to stir up trouble instead of a bowl of cereal and a man with severe obsessive…show more content…
Tourette’s syndrome is a neurological disorder that is a combination of oral and vocal tics which on the occasion of it happening triggers involuntary uttering of noises and words which can be vulgar and also offensive. These tics and actions , can be defined as twitches and sudden movements that happen frequently and are often uncontrollable. The vocal tics are also accompanied by motor tics which are forced movements and muscle spasms that can affect any part of the body at random. These tics can be divided into two groups which are simple tics and complex tics. Examples of simple vocal tics are hissing, grunting, barking and throat clearings. Simple motor tics such as quick eye blinking, lip licking, shoulder shrugging and muscle tensing can be some of the examples given. Furthermore, complex vocal tics can be a string of sentences or words. Complex motor tics are a combination of simple vocal tics or movements involving more than one

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