Theme Of Loyalty In The Scarlet Pimpernel

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The characters in the Scarlet Pimpernel honestly need to learn what loyalty is. A lot of the people in this book have problems with understanding what the meaning of loyalty is. They will say that their loyalties lie with the aristocratic side but they will work with the non aristocratic side. the side that murders people. There are only two sides in this book, there is the aristocratic side, then there's the average people. The average people are killing the aristocratic people because they've been keeping a lot of food for themselves and not sharing. Also they haven't payed any of their taxes and left the taxes to be payed by the poor side. The poor side got angry because of this and started to kill them off. And then here comes in the ultimate superhero, the scarlet pimpernel and he starts saving all the aristocrats. Then there's also. Then there's Marguerite who isnt even nobility but she still hangs out with the aristocrats because she's insanely smart. Marguerite hears rumors and spreads then cause she doesn't like people.…show more content…
I also think that Marguerite should learn what integrity is. Especially during this time when people are like super disloyal and they would rather have someone else's head under the guillotine and not their own. People would have literally done anything to avoid death by the guillotine Also I feel like the comtesse needs to stop wallowing in misery for her husband. I mean yeah she left him and she misses him but it's overtaking her. If this goes on, she's not gonna be able to concentrate on anything else. Also i mean not to be rude but, he hasn't died. She's probably just sad that she hasn't gotten closure of where they stand because if that's the way that I left my husband, not knowing if he's okay or not, i'd be sad

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