Should American Girls Become A Beauty Pageant?

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Pageantry for all We have all heard of beauty pageants whether we have seen them on television or know someone who has participated in a pageant. But do we really know what they are all about, what kind of message is being portrayed onto the younger generation and the public? Women and men from all around the world take a part in pageants year round. No matter what the age, there will always be a spot for anyone. Girls and boys as young as being 6 months old are allowed to join a pageant even before the first word spoken from them. According to Skip Hollandsworth, about 250,000 American girls join beauty pageants annually. These children are being judged upon by their appearance, personality and talent that they show. Parents are eager…show more content…
The make up, the sparkly huge gowns, the spray tan, the fake ponytails, shoes with little heels, and even “flippers”. Flippers are dental prosthetics that are inserted into the child's mouth to fill in the gaps where their baby teeth have fallen. Flippers are to show the judges a white beautiful set of teeth to give a better appearance upon the judges. Yes, you read right dental prosthetics. When does it become too far for these pageant parents? Is it once they get their child to spray tan for a bronzy glow rather than to show their natural skin tone, or is it when they apply layers of foundation to their already flawless skin just to give the appearance of a porcelain doll. Pageants have made it possible to become a $5 billion industry. The range of expenses can vary which can include, photographers from $300 sessions, wig makers for $150 to $175, spray tanners for $25, and high glam dresses which can cost up to $3,000 or more (Skip Hollandsworth Toddlers in Tiaras). It is so much work and effort that comes from these parents and young children. Anything that can give them a better opportunity to win, parents are for it. Whatever the case may be, parents do not stand back and let the child decide. If a child says no to one of these parents, they are most likely to be unheard or…show more content…
Cassidy Wolf was a victim of sextortion. Sextortion is a form of exploitation. A 19 year old classmate by the name of Jared Abrahams who attended the same college as Wolf was the alleged criminal who hacked into Wolf's computer and was looking at her at any time through her web cam on her computer. He would take pictures of her undressing and naked in her bedroom. Abraham would then use these explicit photographs to black mail Wolf. Along with Wolf, Abrahams also hacked into 150 “slave computers” as he called them. With this case, Wolf was terrified, this man had the power to possibly end her career and chances to win any other beauty pageant. Abrahams not only victimized Wolf but so many other woman as well, but could one of the reasons as to why Abrahams had chose Wolf was solely for the reason as that she was a beauty

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