Social Anxiety Disorder Analysis

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Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is characterized by having an excessive and avoidance of social situations of any kind (Fouche, van Der Wee, Roelofs, & Stein, 2013). Anyone can easily label themselves as “shy” to certain situations, but for someone who actually has social phobia, the fear of looking foolish and having themselves humiliated is intensified (Harvard Mental Health Letter, 1994). With a 12.1% of people having social anxiety in the USA, and at least 6.7% in Europe, social anxiety is one of the most common anxiety disorders (Fouche, van Der Wee, Roelofs, & Stein, 2013). People who have SAD are not just afraid of looking foolish or try to avoid social interactions, it is that when they do have to socialize with people, they are “provoked

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