Personal Narrative-Racial Profiling In The US

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On Monday night in Chicago, it was a windy day for the football game, Northside High was playing against Warren High. Travis Walters was number twelve (the quarterback) in Warren, he was a thin gentlemen with very blue eyes, and dirty blonde hair. His best friend Ryan Differ, tall, green eyes, brown hair, was the receiver. They were best friends since the third grade. Ryan has a sister name Ashley, a dog named Max, and lives with both parents. Travis was the only child, so he didn’t have much to talk about his family. After the Warren Wildcats beat the Northside Sharks, Ryan decided to take Travis to Tutti Frutti for a celebration of beating the Sharks. When Travis picked a medium size cup, they had a red sticky-note that said, You will not hear from your parents.…show more content…
“I’m gonna call them just in case,” Travis noted. They had no answer, so they went to Travis’s house as quick as a cheetah. No one was there, but their car, and their celephones. Later on, they didn’t hear from the parents, so they called Dave, the most helpful officer man in Chicago, to help them find Mr. and Mrs. Walters. They didn’t find any evidence, except for a piece of blonde,thin hair. The officers were still finding evidence while Travis and Ryan were calling friends and relatives to see if they knew where they went. Travis and Ryan got a text message saying scary things about his parents. They were getting threatened, so they asked Dave for help. Ryan and Travis came back from school, it was a rainy day, with thunder a grumbling as loud as a chainsaw, lighting was bright, and the trees were dancing unhappily. They saw a brown, furry, big ball lying on the floor. It was Max. “Call Dave right now!” Ryan

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