So I Ain T No Good Girl By Sharon Flake

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Too Much Drama, Not Enough Description! “So I Ain’t No Good Girl” by Sharon Flake, is a short story about girls and the boys in their lives. In the story, our narrator, who has no name, is dating Raheem, the most popular guy in school. The story starts off at the bus stop, where the narrator is waiting for her boyfriend, so they can ride the bus to school together. But when Raheem tells her he isn’t going to school “ ‘cause he’s got things to do.” However, when the narrator gets onto the bus, she see’s Raheem with another girl. Though she see’s this, she chooses not to confront Raheem about it because she doesn’t want to risk them breaking up. Throughout the story, we are able to find a few flaws to critique about Flakes writing. Her story lacks detail about the names, thoughts, and the conflicts.…show more content…
The only name in the story that we know is Raheem. Names like the good girl that the narrator refers to in the begging of the story as “that girl with red hair and grey eyes”, would make the story more descriptive. Also, it would also be nice to know is the schools name, though it’s not extremely important to the story. The name could result in the story being more descriptive. Lastly, and most importantly, the story is missing the main characters name, who is also the narrator. In the story, the narrator is only referred to in first person, so we never learn her
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