Analysis Of So I Ain T No Good Girl By Sharon Flake

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The Right Choices Why do mothers tell their daughters to be careful with the boys they are with? Sharon Flake developed a creative and clever scene to inform girls to choose boys wisely. In this story, there is a girl, whose name is not mentioned, and her boyfriend, Raheem. She and Raheem are headed to school, but when they aboard the bus, she finds that Raheem isn’t on the bus. She looks out the window only to see him cheating with a so called “good girl”. Although she ends up hurt, “she pretends she saw nothing.” Flake created a scene to prove her point with an important theme in her story “So I Ain’t No Good Girl.” For most of the story, Raheem is caught “eyeing girls as they walk by.” He keeps telling his girlfriend that “she is the only one for him.” Even though his girlfriend is right in front of him, he still checks out girls as if she isn’t. Later in this scene, he cheats with one of the girls. Specifically the one with “grey eyes and red hair. The one that took Raheem away from her.” His girlfriend calls her a “theft because she stole her man right from under her. Even for a little while.”…show more content…
Any changes done can result in more drama to the plot. The girl thinks to herself “tonight when I see him, I’m gonna… I’m gonna… make him something nice to eat. And act like I ain’t seen nothing” Implying that she’s going to let everything go, act like what she saw was nothing, and she won’t bring it up with Raheem. If she would have told him, he could either lie his way out or get angry at her. She also thought about “running after them but if she acts like she didn’t see anything, he’ll be over at her house.” Raheem would even hit her for talking back. She said “Raheem’s hand smashes the words back into my

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