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The House of Legends: Teaching Support Kit defines what fantasy is and the essential features of it. It is significant to realize there are many unique ways fantasy can be used throughout a story. The packet has five examples of all different types of fantasy-based novels. In this paper I am going to focus on one particular book called The Ruins of Gorlan. This novel is based on fantasy and adventure. This specific genre is usually “associated with the overall look, feel and themes of the European Middle Ages” (Sheahan-Bright, 2008, p. 4). The main setting is a medieval kingdom called, Araluen. The kingdom is lightly based on the United Kingdom and Europe, which is divided into fifty fiefdoms, governed by barons, and protected by Rangers (Sheahan-Bright, 2008). First we are going to focus on the author of the packet that is being analyzed and the author of the book that is mentioned in the packet. This will help give…show more content…
John Flanagan, Australian author of the series called Ranger’s Apprentice is mentioned in House of Legends. Sheahan-Bright discusses Flanagan’s work of fantasy along with several other superb authors who have created different types of fictional novels. Sheahan-Bright “was inaugural director of and is a Life Member of the Queensland Writers Centre, and was co-founder of Jam Roll Press” (Sheahan-Bright, 2008, p. 2). She has also recently published a book called Paper Empires: A History of the Book in Australia. In her PhD thesis she found the expansion of the Australian children’s publishing industry. As impressive as she is already, she also teaches at Griffith University and USQ, along with being a coordinating judge for the Somerset National Novella Writing Competition for School Age Writers and is on the judging panel for the Queensland Premier’s Literary Awards (Sheahan-Bright, 2015). Sheahan-Bright is an impressive novelist and contributor to her

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