A Rhetorical Analysis Of Jenn Pozner's Speech

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I went to see Jenn Pozner give a speech. She gave a talk on consent and showed her credibility by showing what she has done in the past with jobs. Jenn Pozner was a very good speaker; she barley used junction words and was good with transitions to different points. She showed many videos on consent and pictures to show points on what she talked about. I personally didn’t really like how she acted and how she seemed really conceited. Jenn Pozner was a really confident speaker. She was very clear with what she said but was also very bias on her opinions. She made you speech basically feel as if men are always wrong and try to rape women. She was very conceited on her ideas and way she acted up on the podium too. Jenn Pozer is a leader who takes…show more content…
Jenn Pozner is very one position in her ideas and didn’t show facts. I felt that she could improve her speech by showing opinions from the other side or show real facts than just saying what she thinks. Jenn Pozner is a very creditable person because of where she has worked before in the past. She showed all us where she has worked on a slide that she had. Another thing that she can improve on in her talk is not having as many videos as she had during her presentation. She talked for about a hour and half and it felt half the time was videos. Also she had to many slides there was so many different visuals over the time it is hard to recall everything she talked about because she changed up so many points throughout of her talk. Jenn Pozner also could give more hard facts for one of her slides where she shows actual number facts on how many women get raped to how many men get raped to help prove her point in many ways. Another thing is that she should have made the speech longer for the age group of kids she’s is talking to. I try to pay attention for the whole time but I got bored of what she talked about the whole time. I feel to have an effective speech and keep everyone interested in college is a speech that is 45 minutes to an hour. Anything over that amount of time you start to lose a lot of people after being to a couple of speeches with college

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