Rhetoric In Thomas Thompson's The Working Class

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Part B: Use of Rhetoric “The working class” this phrase has been used continuously in the book to refer to the middle income class that creates the main character in the book. The writer of the book uses this phrase because at the time when the book was written, there had no any chronological or systematic way in which the labor movement had devised to account for these groups of workers. The title of the book itself is rhetoric. The making of the English working class refers to the formation of what can be considered as a communist labor movement. Therefore, a person who has not opened the book would think that the book perhaps talks of the English language and thus metaphor in the writers work. Explanations and description Thompson's work looks at how earlier historians had come up with theories on labor based on well to do with individuals like the land owners, magistrates, mill owners and other that fell on the same side of the…show more content…
Much of this has been used in the book in order for the writer to create a mental picture of the points he puts across. The filth in the society that the working class live and work in for instance create imagery does not necessarily mean that the community lived in filth, but instead, it creates a mental image of the living conditions in which the working class live in as compared to those who owned the properties. The word touchstone has been used to describe Marxist theorems that could pioneer the beginning of social justification for the labors. This has been put forward to show the support that Thompson had in creation of an evolution in the labor industry as well as show that this would be the leading point and the drawing point from which amendments would be made. Significantly, one can look at this from the point of the purpose of a touch stone where a touch is placed and thus illuminating the way for the

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