Abigail Williams And Elizabeth Proctor In The Crucible

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In all stories there is an area for characters to be split into good and bad, this play demonstrates that by lying to each other, accusing each other, and hanging people. In The Crucible, the characters Abigail Williams and Elizabeth Proctor are different by the following traits; self-sacrifice vs. selfishness, greed vs. generosity, and courage vs. fear. These traits are shown in the play very specifically. To start off, look at self sacrifice and selfishness. Elizabeth’s character is sacrificial.For example, she was being accused of witchcraft in her home just because Mr. Hale thought she stuck a needle into a poppet sewn by Marry (Miller 75). Mr. Hale wants Elizabeth to go to court, however John will not let this happen. I’ll tell you what’s walking Salem - vengeance is walking Salem. We are what we…show more content…
Hale, for she knows what happens when one denies witchcraft. “I’ll go, John” states Elizabeth, “You will not go!” demands Proctor “I have nine men outside. You cannot keep her. The lair binds me, John, I cannot budge.” quotes Herrick (Miller 77). Abigail is a selfish character because she lies and is very deceitful. For example, she yelled at Abby to not talk about how she tried to kill Elizabeth (Miller 19). First of all, this shows that Abby is a liar and she also wanted a married man to stay with her instead of returning to his wife. Although John denounced Elizabeth by cheating on her, he tried to fix his mistake by trying not to be attracted to Abigail anymore (Miller 23). Abigail shows she is selfish when she will not let John go. She knew John would stay with Elizabeth but she was too selfish to release him. Since she would not let him move on she told him that Elizabeth was a “cold, sniveling woman” (Miller 23-24) only hoping to keep John. But since John wanted to make things right with him and Elizabeth he did not belive Abigail and told her to never talk about Elizabeth ever again (Miller
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