Analysis Of So I Ain T No Good Girl By Sharon Flake

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Not the Good Girl but the Bad In the story, So I Ain’t No Good Girl, Sharon Flake shows us the narrator is faced with a conflict. She uses dialogue to show how the characters handle the situation with a fitting setting. The story starts straight to the main point and why the narrator dislikes the group of girls; who always are with her at the bus stop. Having to deal with the girls, the narrator communicates with the Raheem and shows her befitting character to others. After she was persuaded to leave in the school bus, however, she was lied by and saw Raheem with another girl. Unlike the main characters, the minor characters were not as detailed and needed a voice in the story. Flake uses a realistic plot and shows the character’s emotions and actions that expresses them in So I Ain’t No Good Girl.…show more content…
She decides that it was better to be herself in front of others “I don’t wanna be like them good girls”, it was a way she would compare herself to others ”So plain and pitiful”. After she stirred up trouble with the group of girls, she unexpectedly tripped and girls laughed at her. She takes her humiliation by chasing the girls and happens to meet Raheem. Getting joyful, she tries to get him to ride the bus with her, but he explains he was busy at the moment. Being convinced, the narrator gets on the bus to leave, but she sees Raheem with another girl “I lean over and stare out the window and see the redhead standing on the corner with Raheem”, feeling betrayed, she ends up having mixed thoughts and

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