Nationalism In Canada Essay

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In order to ascertain a comprehensive understanding of how nationalism has been affected in the globalised world, it is essential to identify the historiographical perceptions of nationalism and globalisation, and discuss their interconnectivity. Their joint significance lies in the formation of nation-states within the modern society, and their role in a world in which interdependence has increased. The nation is primarily psycho-cultural, whereas the state is an independent autonomous political structure over a specific territory, with a comprehensive legal system and a sufficient concentration of power to maintain law and order. The nation-state is a sovereign political community bound together by the overlapping bonds of citizenship and nationality, meaning…show more content…
The membership of the political community is important and often valued part of the individual identity. Canada is a country where the topic of national identity has dominated the public agenda since the early 1970s. The city of Quebec experienced profound changes after World War Two. Preceding the outbreak of war the city was indisputably Catholic and French, under the authority of the Catholic Church. Socially and politically the city experienced more diversity as a result of urbanisation, social atomisation, secularisation and immigration. The Catholic Church was removed from the role of custodian, with the Quebec government now responsible for its guardianship. Intellectuals were given the task of defining the Quebec identity; a responsibility the clergy had accountability for. Quebec’s population was united that it was essentially French. There was a realisation that its cultural identity was under threat, and that the newly formed alliance between its intellectuals and government had a vital role in to play in defining, preserving and propagating

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