Personal Narrative: It's Covering The Whole Car !

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“It’s covering the whole car!” My brother, Kailan, was the first one awake and spotted the thick layer of snow that covered Rusty, our Volvo station wagon. I leaped out of bed to see what he was talking about. I couldn’t believe it; even the windows had disappeared under the snow. Kneeling on the cold leather sofa with our faces pressed against the foggy glass, we gazed out at the winter wonderland that formed as we slept. Excitement filled both of our eyes. It was mid January and this was the first ‘real’ snowfall where the snow did not melt as soon as it hit the road. Mum bought us snowsuits and new boots last year after winter so that we could play in the snow this year. Growing up in India, mum never saw snow until we moved to Canada-…show more content…
As I stepped onto the deck I heard the crunching of the snow from under my by boots. I never walked in snow before. Kailan lost his balance, fell and then laughed. Mum took her typical “first” photo with us posed together in the snow. We walked down the steps of the deck to the yard. The snow sparkled and glistened as the sun shone through the clouds. Kailan ran through the yard ruining the untouched blanket. He was busy making snowballs and trying to kick them around. I was infatuated and trying to understand how many snowflakes it took cover everything. Just before Christmas break our class had made paper snowflakes. Mrs. Slater , my kindergarten teacher, told us real snowflakes come in all shapes , sizes and patterns. She explained we each had to make five snowflakes and make sure that each one looked different just like everyone in our class. As I picked up the snow from the ground I tried to see the different snowflakes but I could only see white. I tried to smell the snow but it just smelled fresh. I jumped through the snow to the willow tree where Kailan was throwing snowballs up in the air to make the snowfall from the branches. After he had a pile of snow in front of us he suggested we make a snow fort, we tried really hard but could only make sides. He got distracted and starting eating the snow while I made snow

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