Personal Narrative Essay: Board Collide

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It was the winter of 2014 in northern Ohio. I was in a ski resort called Boston Mills with my friends James Joe and Garrett. We were on the lift going to the park, and we all decided that we're going to learn a new trick so that I was going to do backside boardslide. After that we went downhill. Started with some 50-50's on the handrail to warm up the then with some backside or slide since they were somewhat different. Back at the top of the trail I had decided to try it on a rail. I approached properly and my transition was decent but, I caught an edge and flew off the front of the rail after that. After that went to some slopes to race for a while. While we were on a run called Croyle where we met banana man, he's going bananas everywhere, he was also in a banana suit. We…show more content…
I got Monster Java and hot pretzel. We saw banana man so we went over to say hi. He said he was snowboard so I asked him for tips on how to land a board slide. He said I just need to commit and turn into it. After that we went to Trail 52 it went down to the beginner area, We went there to goof around. Then we went down to the park for the rest of the day. The day at the park may have ended but season had not. We went home at two in the morning and we decided to build a homemade rail in the backyard. After that we go through we spent six hours snowboarding on the rail. over that six hours I had nearly perfected the backside boardslide. I had fallen countless times. Each just as painful as the last one, but I kept on trying repeatedly. After a few falls, I had landed an extremely shifty boardslide. It was exhilarating, I had finally landed

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