Smartphones Addiction Among Teenagers

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The smartphones are one of the greatest inventions in the 20th century and now have become the newest addiction in the world. Nowadays, more and more people are addicted to its entertaining system and most are teenagers. Fitzgerald, as cited in the Lookout (2012) stated that 72 percent of teenagers admit they would felt “panicked” while another 14 percent would feel “desperate” when the lost their smart phones. This phenomenon happens when children are exposed to smartphones since young and they become attached to that gadgets as they grown up. As state in the article entitle Technology, Filling The Void of Pleasure (Dr.Darcia Narvaez, 2015), when kids are small, they are building pleasure centers, if you put down the baby, they learn they don’t get pleasure out of people, so they focus on other things such as engaging with technology, then they get addicted. This significantly shows smartphones addiction among teenagers lead to Nomophobia and teenagers are more likely to suffer from some type of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and it is, therefore, important for parents and the teenagers itself to work together to reduce this problem and improve the physical and…show more content…
Even with this problems, we cannot deny that smartphones also brought a lot of convenient to us. But the situation can change that brought addiction to us that also lead to some disorder to occur. Parents and teenagers individually can work together to solve this problem and improve the psychological problems that might have. Of the solutions suggest, those made by individuals themselves give more impact in solved the problems as they are a willingness to do this themselves. Never ever let the smartphones taking over our life. Take immediate action when feel like addicted to the smartphones. Try to socialized and filled the free times with other activities instead of filled it with playing with

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