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“I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” (Monroe). This quote has more power than the screen space the words take up. This quote has strength, confidence, determination and all together perseverance that things will indeed get better. I chose Marilyn Monroe as my mentor for this personal profile because her life and career had a positive influence on my own. She influenced me to have confidence in myself and my aspirations, to chase my dreams no matter how extensive they seemed and…show more content…
As a young child, Marilyn experienced many traumatizing situations. Her mother was medically pronounced as a psychopath whom never knew who Marilyn’s father was. After being passed around from home to home, she identified herself as “an unloved foster child and rape victim” at the age of 13.(MarilynMonroeBio). Later, at 16 Marilyn took the only road to get her out of the foster care system, and that was to get married. Marilyn married her boyfriend, Jimmy Dougherty and she began work at a munitions factory dreaming of one day becoming a star in Hollywood. She was discovered by a photographer while at the factory and her life as she knew it was going to completely change. In 1946, Marilyn divorced her husband and signed her first movie contract. Although Marilyn changed her name and hair color for Hollywoods “critics” as she called it, she didn't become who she is know to be today solely off of acting. Marilyn became a “slave” to Hollywood and those who idolized her work ( As her career climbed, the women she was fell to its lowest. Marilyn began to marry and divorce many men along with being prescribed medicine to treat her depression. Although her life out of the camera light was darker than most thought it was, Marilyn still put on the smile until her death in 1962. It was ruled as a suicide/drug overdose, but to this day her death stays a mystery with left out pieces…show more content…
In fact, she was know for her curves and not being the typical hollywood star. Although she knew she was different and was judged for being different, it did not discourage Marilyn from being herself. Never once changing her desires and dreams, Marilyn was said to be, “completely comfortable in her own skin in the lime light,” (Lee Strasberg) “when you got her in the environment she was the brightest in, she knew who she was more than she ever. did before.”. When Marilyn went through relationship heartbreak and disappointment, she didn't turn from what she loved and who she was, she embraced who she was even more. In the beginning of her career, many told her she wasn't cut out for show biz, 3she didn't have the “body”or “look” , but that never stopped Marilyn from being confident in who she was made to be and in her eyes, it was a Hollywood Star. In society, it takes a lot of will power and confidence to pursue your dreams especially when peers are looking down on you waiting to watch you fail, but Marilyn, well she proved them all wrong. “Someone said to me, 'If fifty percent of the experts in Hollywood said you had no talent and should give up, what would you do?' My answer was then and still is, 'If a hundred percent told me that, all one hundred percent would be wrong.’” (Marilyn monroe). Marilyn had the confidence in her work and herself and because of that she inspired me to also pressure my dreams no matter what anyone said. She didn't

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