Should Music Lyrics Be Censored Research Paper

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Imagine a world, where every song is censored down to the very last slang or swear. Imagine a society where artists no longer have the option to express themselves freely and are harnessed by censors. There are many reasons why music lyrics should not be censored. The most obvious reason is that artists who write explicit lyrics are protected under the first amendment of the constitution which gives freedom of expression and freedom of speech. A second reason there would be no standard of censoring. What would be worthy of censoring and what wouldn't be? Lastly, music lyrics cannot be influential to people. People make there own decisions and are responsible for their own actions. For all these reasons, explicit or innapropriate music should not be censored.…show more content…
Some people may say that this is not true due to the fact that many explicit songs are filled with indirect threats or violent actions committed. However, To tell an artist that he cannot express himself through his or her music, than you would be violating their right as a citizen of the United States, therefore it would not be right to tell them they could not continue to make the music that they love. The second reason why explicit music should not be censored is that there would be know standard for censoring music. Who would decide what to censor and what to leave? Many people would say just censor everything that's even a little bit questionable. But if that were to happen, how would kids go through the experiences that help them to grow into mature adults. Also, even if that wasn't a problem, what would be censor and what wouldn't. Where would the line be drawn. Once music lyrics are censored everything would be censored, leaving a cuss-less

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